• Lidl Ross-on-Wye


A new neighbourhood discount food store.

We are proposing to develop a contemporary new food store at the Wolf Business Park, Ross on Wye in order to serve the needs of local residents, provide increased food shopping choice for customers in the local area and create new jobs in Ross on Wye.

Lidl is one of the highest paying food retailers in the UK and currently pays its staff in line with the Living Wage Foundation, with no zero-hour contracts.

What are we seeking to do?

We are seeking, via a hybrid planning application:

  • Full planning permission for the demolition of the existing Wolf Business Park buildings and erection of a neighbourhood Lidl food store (Class A1) on the northern part of the site and a new access bell mouth to serve the retained employment land that will be subject to new business premises being created and;
  • Outline planning permission for the erection of new employment use premises (Use Class B1/B2 and B8) on the retained employment land to the south as the upgraded Wolf Business Park.

The proposals also include upgrades to the access junction, and improved pedestrian facilities to encourage sustainable linked trips to the town centre.

A new lease of life for the Wolf Business Park

We are proposing to purchase part of the Wolf Business Park to build a food store, demolish the existing buildings and, through the provision of the capital receipt to the Wolf Family, facilitate the development of brand new, purpose-built employment units on the site.

This will represent a significant investment into Ross on Wye, and allow the Wolf Business Park to undertake significant work to regenerate the site to safeguard existing jobs, and attract new employers to the town.

The proposed application will provide:

  • Up to 40 new permanent full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs created as a result of the new store
  • £Multimillion investment into the local community (Lidl investment plus further Wolf Family investment)
  • 60+ potential new (and existing) jobs accommodated on the redeveloped employment site (excluding those created by Lidl directly)
  • Improved shopping choice and provision of a new mainstream discount operator for Ross on Wye and the surrounding area;
  • Enhanced accommodation offer for small scale B1, B2 and B8 employment uses.

The Proposed Development

The proposed development will seek Full Planning Permission for the demolition of two of the three existing buildings and the erection of a new Lidl food store with associated car parking, servicing and landscaping to the north of the site along with associated works and new access to the proposed employment land regeneration to the south.

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Latest News

Following significant consultation with the local community and Herefordshire Council, we took the decision to withdraw our original application in order to consider the feedback received and enhance our proposals. We are committed to developing this site as we are convinced of the merits of the proposals and the benefits it would bring to Ross on Wye. We have therefore recently re-submitted a revised planning application, which is now considered to be wholly acceptable. It is consistent with Government policies that seek to secure the effective use of land and sustainable development for the future generations and meets all other relevant policies and standards.

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