Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this additional food offering have negative impacts on the High Street and town centre?

In order to inform the revised planning application, at their own expense, Lidl have commissioned an  updated Household Survey in October 2018 to provide the most up to date position on the shopping patterns in Ross-on-Wye and Herefordshire as a whole.

The revised Retail Impact Assessment demonstrates that the Lidl foodstore would have only a diminutive (7.52%) impact on the convenience goods turnover of Ross on Wye town centre as a whole.  Therefore, it is considered that the proposed new Lidl store will not have any adverse impact on the vitality and viability of Ross on Wye town centre. It is important to note that the impact on comparison goods will be negligible.

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Will the existing tenants that are remaining on the Estate be forced to relocate to other locations if this goes ahead?

The wellbeing of existing tenants and businesses is a high priority to the applicant. A joint statement signed by Lidl and the Wolf Family sets out how existing tenants will be relocated without having to cease trading. This was submitted to the planning file at Herefordshire Council for the previous application and will be honoured in any future application for this site.

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Will the business units be built at the same time as the store?

Lidl will deliver four business units prior to occupation of the store, as well as a written guarantee, signed by Lidl and the Wolf Family, that detailed consent for the remaining units would be sought and delivered within 12 months of the foodstore consent. Lidl is happy for this to be a condition of initial any consent for the site.

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Wont this new store cause problems on the local road network?

Significant work has been undertaken to consider any highways impacts as a result of the proposed new store. A Transport Assessment affirms the site’s suitability to accommodate this use. Ongoing discussion with the Highways Officers will seek to reach agreement on this point as soon as practically possible.

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This is a key gateway site for the town. Won’t this scheme harm the views in this location?

We are aware of the importance of this site as a gateway to Ross on Wye and have sought to enhance the public realm through landscaping and tree planting.

As a result of this scheme, 27 new trees will be planted to mitigate the loss of some trees on the site. We have worked hard to design an attractive site – one that represents a significant improvement on the existing street scene in this area.