Reasons to Support Us

Reasons to Support Us

The following points are some of the key benefits that these proposals can bring:

Retail / Employment:

  • Additional jobs created for local residents (up to 40 for the Lidl store alone);
  • The proposals will allow the regeneration of a currently underperforming business park. It will facilitate the development of new employment facilities and safeguard existing jobs. New job generation will also be likely through attracting new employers to the town.
  • Provision of new employment units prior to the opening of a Lidl store;
  • The store will not adversely impact the vitality or viability of Ross-on-Wye town centre, and will likely strengthen Ross-on-Wye’s overall economic performance;
  • The application site passes the sequential test as set out in National Planning Policy Framework; there are no other suitable sites in the catchment which would accommodate the new Lidl store;
  • The proposal will provide new and improved shopping facilities at competitive prices and offer exceptional quality to the benefit of local consumers;
  • Lidl stocks a variety of unique product lines which are not available from other mainstream retailers;
  • Provide a high-quality contemporary building and significantly improve the visual impact of the existing site;
  • Lidl uses sustainable materials, construction techniques, building management systems and operation processes to promote energy efficient and environmentally friendly operations.


  • A modern building design using high quality materials will add a contemporary dimension to the existing street scene and will enhance the character and appearance of the area;
  • New landscaping will be provided surrounding the site to improve the general visual amenity of the site.


  • The development of the currently vacant site will result in the sustainable re-use of a brownfield site and within walking distance of existing residential development at the east of the site;
  • Sustainable construction techniques will be employed as well as the use of sustainable materials where possible;
  • Lidl operate a highly energy efficient business with a strong commitment to recycling and the use of energy efficient equipment and techniques within the store to reduce carbon emissions;
  • The subject site is in an accessible location.