Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

A revised full planning application for the proposed new Lidl store has been submitted to Herefordshire Council. During the 13 weeks after submission, planning officers and Councillors will be consulting with interested parties in order to decide whether the application can be approved and a new Lidl store provided for the residents of Ross on Wye.

As with all developments there will be people who are for and people who are against the development and it is very important that you have your say. If you want our project to be successful, it is vitally important that you make your views known so that they can be taken into account when the Council Planning Committee decides whether to approve or refuse the application.

We are extremely grateful for all of the supportive comments submitted by local residents for the previous application.

Please get in touch via the Contact Us page if you would like to find out more about the application, or to how to make your views known to Herefordshire Council.

Thank you for your time and support to date.